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Mammut Solid Acacia Wood Artwork Sideboard Grey 147 cm

  • At a glance

    • extraordinary sideboard made of solid acacia wood
    • with butterfly inclusions and frame made of high quality stainless steel
    • four spacious compartments behind the doors provide plenty of storage space
    • Refine your living space now with this design highlight!

    Modern design with extraordinary highlights
    This solid acacia sideboard is a very special piece of jewelry. The surface of the wood was refined with an elaborate finish in grey: the sandblasted surface exudes a natural and authentic charm as if slightly weathered. The grey emphasizes and accentuates the unique grain of the wood, the coarse surface also inspires with its great feel and makes each board unique. The highlight, however, are without question the stainless steel butterfly elements. On the one hand, these seal gaps in the wood; on the other hand, they take up the modern look of the stainless steel frame and enhance the design of the sideboard doors.


    • Body: grey
    • Frame: silver


    • Body: acacia wood
    • Frame: stainless steel



    • the board has four spacious compartments
    • the number and position of the butterfly elements can vary
    • sandblasting creates authentic features such as small inclusions
    • Relief-like colour differences from light to dark grey make every grey surface unique
    • the stainless steel butterfly elements are used individually by hand

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