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Q1. Why are we able to offer the best possible prices?

We are designers and importers. Our furniture is produced in the country where the materials originate and we work directly with the manufacturers to produce home designed furniture. We have many years of experience in purchasing, we know the prices of the materials well and are careful to manage the production costs effectively.

When the products arrive in UK, our team work independently on every step of the delivery process to avoid involving cost inflating middlemen. To improve our productivity and thereby provide you with the best products at the best possible prices, we have worked hard to develop a range of high quality products that can be delivered through an efficient service.

Q2. How do we guarantee sustainable product production?

We have been working with our manufacturers for many years. As a foreign investor we have to purchase materials from state administrations. These administrations prevent and reduce the exploitation of the resources and oversee the reforestation of the land. The administrations are committed to planting multiple trees for every tree that is felled.

Q3. Why don't we use international logos on our website regarding the origin and management of the raw materials?

The publication of recognised logos on the website is a marketing measure which is often only used by large global companies or groups to support their credibility. Our credibility is implicit in our business. The careful management and production of wooden products in wood producing countries is a stable and essential industry. We deal with state administrated suppliers to ensure that we are supporting the best interests of the areas concerned. Finally, the use of logos has a cost. We want to be able to offer the best possible prices to our customers by minimising administrative expenses and offering an excellent, responsible service.

Q4. Do you have a "no defects" guarantee for your articles?

Our products are all brand new, and they are packaged so that they can go through production and transit without suffering from deterioration. It is important to note that we only work with craftsmen. Our products are not factory built and the fittings are all hand made. Therefore, we are aware that products can have some slight imperfections. Imperfections will not be considered as defects but as the evidence of a craft work, which is original and unique.

Q5. If after a few days I am not satisfied with the product how can I send it back?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. You have 30 days after receiving a product to send it back and contact our customer service to inform them that you are making a return
If you refuse the item when it arrives and send it back with the carrier there is no charge for the return delivery. After this, the delivery is made at your own cost.

Please note: For a successful refund the product must be sent back in its original packaging with all parts in the same condition as when they were received. You will receive a refund within 30 days of the original return request.
It is possible to use our shipping services to return the refunded product. To do so, you have to contact our customer service. The cost corresponds to the shipping cost of your original order. When it arrives at our warehouses we will proceed with the refund.

Q6. Where do our products come from?

A lot of our furniture is designed and manufactured in Germany. Big part of it also comes from Java Island, Indonesia. Teak is produced in northern Java and mahogany in the centre of the island. Sheesham comes from Rajasthan, north-west India. Our catalogue of small accessories and decorative objects come from different countries but Bali island, Indonesia, in the main.

Q7. You are pleased with the furniture that you've received... However, after drilling the back to route cables you notice that the "mahogany" is quite pale. Is it really mahogany?

Mahogany is a pale wood, with a natural pink centre. The tradition for many centuries was to use only the pink coloured centre of the mahogany tree for furniture, but now we tend to use the whole tree. Traditionally, the mahogany would have been stained in red, or in darker tints, hiding the natural properties of this pale coloured wood, a process that we still use with some of our products. There is a naturally darker mahogany tree which grows in Africa. The wood from this tree is only now used scarcely; in boat building and for the most expensive furniture.